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‘Join the Revolution, unlock the Rune’


We are now in the twenty-first century and the runes are an enigma of the modern age. Amid an extensive body of work that has enveloped these ancient glyphs, none consider the importance of geometry; to analyse their shapes for consistencies that may reveal an underlying intelligence – it is believed their shapes encode an ancient wisdom, a knowledge that has been sought after for well over a thousand years, and attempts to unlock this illusive code continue today. The runes have been misconstrued over the centuries. Contained within them are the remnants of an ancient geometric cipher and a myriad of arcane information, the likes of which has not been seen for over two thousand years and the implications are staggering!

‘ Forget rune stones, this is a must for anyone who is serious about unlocking the secrets of the rune. See how runes shape-shift and explore multi-dimensional runes for yourself. ‘

Get The Rune Master Application

Download the Companion Application and Explore Multi-Dimensional Runes for Yourself !

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1st Edition Paperback at

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